Customing Slideshows

Jolecule is designed to facilitate the production of slideshows that can illustrate the salient features of your favourite protein.

The first step is to create views that are are assigned to your user account. To do this, you need to login with your google account (click on the top-right login button).

Views that you make whilst logged-in will be assigned to your user_id. Your user_id can be obtained from your user page, which is accessed by clicking on your login identifier in the top right-hand corner.

Three ways to show your views:

1. Standard Jolecule PDB page with your views

On a pdb structure page, in the url, add the query
user_id=YOUR_USER_ID, for instance:

Different display modes can be triggered with the buttons in the footer of the protein display.

2. Presentation Slideshow mode for your structure

If you've prepared an animation, you may want to display the animation without any complicating controls. To run Jolecule in a minimalistic mode for presentations, in the url, add the query

This gives the url:

The presentation will automatically have the playback for looping between views switched on.

3. Embedded slideshow in external website

Jolecule is also designed to facilitate widgets on external websites. To see how to embed widget, go to the embedding widget guide. In the embedding javascript script, there are a bunch of parameters that controls how the widget is displayed.

To show only your views in the widget, set the parameter


To ensure the widget plays a slideshow, set the parameter

animateMode: 'loop'