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Annotated Structures

Myoglobin, the protein that carries tiny oxygen molecules 1mbo

Transfer RNA, the adaptor that binds amino acids to RNA 1euq

Polymerase, that copies the double-stranded DNA 1tau

The rotating structure of ATP Synthase 1bmf

Aquarporin, the channel that lets in water through the membrane 3zoj

Endonuclease, that cuts strands of DNA 1rvc

Antibody, the foreign particle detector 1ce1

Rubisco, the protein that builds up carbohydrates 9rub

Glucocortocoid Receptor, that binds to DNA upon activation 3fyl

Topoisomerase, that can untwist DNA 1a31

Bleomycin, cancer therapy drug, cuts DNA 1mxk

Zinc-finger, a simple binder to DNA 1zaa

Serpins, the large inhibitor of our digestive protease enzymes 1k9o


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W - hide/show waters
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S - hide/show spherical atoms
C - hide/show sidechains
T - toggle transparent chain mode
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